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The ability to move from belief to behavior. Some have called it the knowing-doing gap. It is the challenge all of us have.

We read books, attend seminars, get degrees, hire consultants all in the attempt to close the gap to release behavior.

One of the most powerful things we do as an organization to create this movement is coach business leaders. Our experience has shown this has the highest potential as a catalyst for development.

Our Coaching Philosophy

If merely adjusting the external structure of your life were sufficient, most would have already achieved their goals.

Time management and goal setting approaches certainly have their benefits.  Unfortunately, they also have significant limitations.  As a result, people struggle with uniting their behavior with their beliefs when trying to achieve successful follow-through.

In view if these realities, Beyond Sunday coaching focuses a great deal on the who and the why of your life ─ in addition to the what and the how.  Consequently, our approach is fundamentally different from most coaching approaches.

We have also found it to be much more effective.

Beyond Sunday is a faith-based organization, and while we assist people with various belief systems, the design and purpose for everything we teach has a biblical source.


Most coaching sessions will be one-to-one. Periodically in developing a team setting, we can expand the number being coached within a session.

The standard frequency is two sessions per month of up to 90 minutes each. These can also be expanded to weekly, half and full-day sessions.

Fee schedules vary from $500-$2000 per month.

While each session will be designed specifically around you, the greatest impact will happen outside of the sessions. Although your prime emphasis will focus on what is fundamental to your actions, there will be regular action steps to take.

Because we believe in the power of what we do with our clients, this involves a month by month commitment and does not require extended contracts. From time to time there will be suggested additional developmental components that will be the responsibility of the coached to purchase.

Getting Started:

We know that taking that first step out into the unknown can be scary. We also know, through experience, that nothing worth achieving is found inside your comfort zone. Prosperity can be yours and it can be achieved in accordance with God’s commandments. You just have to take that first step. And we can help.


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