We Inspire Business Leaders to Move from Belief to Behavior

What would it look like if what you said you believed were actually lived out in your workplace? How impactful would your life be if you moved from the concept of having a job, to having a career, to having a calling? How freeing and exhilarating would that experience be?

We help people make that happen. The implementation of a purpose that goes beyond success, even beyond significance, results in leaders having greater impact and influence as a follower of the greatest leader in history, Jesus Christ. And that, in turn, leads to greater satisfaction and fulfillment.


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Recent Leadership Blogs

  • Strengths & Weaknesses

    Socially Acceptable Cynicism Building a quality business team requires a sufficient degree of mutual trust. Yet, if you’ve been in business long enough, you’ve learned to be at least marginally skeptical. We seldom get the complete picture the first time we interact with someone. Insurance companies rarely if ever give...

  • Repent

    It’s Not What You Think In all likelihood, the greatest thing you can do to develop your business does not involve learning something new. That’s problematic for people in my business because we are all about helping people discover something new they have not previously known that can ignite productivity...

  • Choose

    How Do You Make Decisions? Life is made up of one decision, one choice, after another.   How do you make them? There are many things that are part of reality that we take for granted but that are actually amazing.  Choices is one of those.  To choose is to change...