Our Groups

  • Regular meetings of business leaders
  • Centralized business locations
  • Interactive
  • Directed
  • Implementation focused
  • Open groups
  • Free

Beyond Sunday has several free, interactive, open groups available for business leaders in the NE Atlanta area.

These are groups of men and women getting together to interact regarding how to better live out their purpose and faith within their businesses.

They are faith-based, build off of a biblical foundation for business, and give clear guidance for moving from belief to behavior within the marketplace.

We have found that the natural tendency of most groups is to philosophize and commiserate. While that may be emotionally stimulating, it seldom results in long term change. As a result, these groups are designed with a bias toward action with both the structure and the leadership focused on moving the group toward catalytic choices.

Click to download a sample worksheet. Group interaction begins on the second page sharing what they see or how they are inspired by the passages listed. This stimulates worldview level thinking and transparency.

This is followed by the worksheet fill-in section on page one and concludes with interactive action focused questions.

Groups are designed to last 75 min. with strict beginning and ending times to help with the scheduling of those who attend. Preview email blogs are available for those interested in attending. These come out in advance of each meeting to stimulate thinking in line with the focus of the meeting.

Group Locations

TransAmerica Building

TransAmerica Building
6475 East Johns Crossing
Johns Creek, GA 30097

1. Thursdays – 8:30 AM
2. Wednesdays – 12:00 PM
Special study group / Biblical history

Peoples Bank

Peoples Bank
1899 Buford Hwy NE
Buford, GA 30518

3. 2nd and 4th Fridays
Pizza & Drinks Available – $5